I don’t Dream of Labor

The Movement Behind the Great Resignation of 2021

There have been many reports of Millennials quitting their jobs at a massive rate. CNBC reported 4 million quit their jobs in April stating that prioritizing mental health is the reason. CNN also reported in June that there are a record number of 9.3 million jobs available in the US, the highest overall number since 2000. Most contributed this as general unhappiness with the type of work they are doing or their culture at the workplace. However, there is a growing movement called I Don’t Dream of Labor (I Don’t Have a Dream Job) that is growing amongst the Millennial generation, and you can find many videos on social media about this topic. The meaning is that it is not the ideal life to be in a part of the capitalist system that does not reward them for their hard work, and they are easily replaceable.

Tamar McClendon a 29-year-old Social Media Moderator agrees with the movement but is not sure that her fellow Millennials are enough to change the mindset of employers.

“I don’t if it is enough of us to make a change “Stating that it would have to be the at least 70% of the workforce to make a difference. 

Chauntelle Folds a 37-year-old public school teacher took a year off during the pandemic in 2020 to reevaluate what was important to her. She used her savings for her expenses and cut back on such things as Uber Eats and shopping. Now that she feels better mentally, she is ready to begin teaching again this fall.

“I needed a mental health break. There was too much go on to deal with…Iife is too short not to have some space to enjoy it! Or at least live it!”  

-Chauntelle Folds

The US economy is based on an able labor force many to question how long this movement can last. As many do not dream of labor, but they do dream of luxuries such as clothing or the latest technology, receiving services in restaurants or other locations, taking vacations, and even purchasing all of which require adequate staffing.

However, the need for having a purpose outweighs the need for money in this movement. According to CNBC the feelings of being discouraged or overwhelmed is no longer an option after the pandemic.

Though out the remaining half of 2021 employees can only hope that their shift in mindset will make employers compromise with employees. Also, if this movement persists and if millennials who have quit their jobs will either return to the workforce or find meaningful work that will support them financially.

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