The Healthiest Hot Cocoa on Earth

Omnirah Handy an expert in allopathic medicine has found a way to support her community through education, consultations, and products through her business MOM Apothecary.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram  @mindofmamita 

“I had studied and worked in the allopathic realm of medicine for many years, and I couldn’t quite root myself there. I felt like something was missing, I wanted to find a way for people to feel empowered and more connected to their bodies as well as the world around them during their healing journeys. That led me to explore and curate my own herbal medicine inspired from my ancestral practices.” Handy stated when asked how she got started.

True to her allopathic roots have created a healthy hot chocolate recipe with include Burdock Root, Sea Moss, and Bladderwrack. Burdock Root and Herbal Hot Cocoa are both harvested in the fall season and add great fall flavors along with the health benefits.

“When I first began, my main goal was to teach about herbal alternatives for common ailments but now it has shifted to guiding people into incorporating plants and indigenous practices into every aspect of their daily lives.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram  @mindofmamita 

MOM Apothecary is for limited times throughout the season Please visit Handy’s Instagram @mindofmamita or her website MindOfMamita to sign up for updates on when products, including her herbal hot cocoa, will become available.

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