Arm & Hammer Baking Soda The One Stop Shop!

What’s the first thing mind when it comes to Arm & Hammer?

Most think of household uses such as keeping the fridge fresh and using to move various stains in our homes. However, do we think about using it for gardening? In fact, gardening, and Arm & Hammer go hand and in hand.

Just like Arm & Hammer is used as a cleaner for your home it can also be used for your plant leaves as well for both house plants and garden plants.

“I use it on everything,” Annie Cleveland stated an avid home gardener for over 20 years has used Arm & Hammer for her gardening care needs. “It’s important to keep your plants fungus from your plants and keep them clean.” 

As fungus can grow on plants and damaging them so wiping the leaves with mix of baking soda and water can help prevent this according to Plant Care Today.

“I also use it every year to grow my tomatoes, for some reason tomatoes love tomatoes,” Cleveland stated. According to Plant Care Today using banking soda is better for the soil as it makes it less acidic and making the tomatoes sweeter.So when you are grabbing your gardening tools, soil and pots don’t to forget to grab the Arm & Hammer, your plants will love you for it!

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