The Silent AI Takeover

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AI or Artificial Intelligence has been in our lives for decades unknowing it has slowly become a part of our lives with the realization of society. To the rise of the AI Influencer in 2020, the humanoid robots and even contacting customer service, yes, the IVR menu when you’re screaming “REPRESENTATIVE” to bypass over the phone is Artificial Intelligence.

AI models have entered every phase of life as with many current events Covid-19, the variants, and the great resignation. CNBC reported that restaurants are now enlisting robots to become servers, take out curbside orders. Corporations such as Walgreens who is looking into automating filling prescriptions and Walmart have robots that process inventory and clean in certain locations. There is also the presence of self-checkouts in the grocery stores which is predicted to be the only method that customers check out in the future as Kroger introduced the self-checkout cart KroGo.

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However, journalism has its fair share of blows. The rise of the internet destroyed the need for physical newspapers to exist. There has been a total of 2,200 local newspapers that have closed, and newspaper journalists have dropped by half since 2005. This was seen as the sign of the times as the rise of websites and social media began. However, there is a new change on the horizon for journalists, the AI writer. AI writing programs are being advertised to save money and write blog posts, copywriting, articles, and more.

Programs such as Jarvis and Copymatic are offering services writing services all completed by AI. In 2019 it was announced that 1/3 of Bloomberg’s articles are written by AI and other major publications are following suit as the productivity is higher and the cost is lower. There was even a quote that stated that all “AI written articles have no typos.” Though this was quoted as only a small percentage of articles that are written by AI and that need for journalists and editors will remain. As BLS reported that there will be a 6% growth over the next 10 years.

This such as the automation of filling prescriptions and grocery store checkout, will the news become completely automated as well?

Though there are more questions than answers at this moment such as, what the job market be for journalists in the next ten years? How does this impact the way the news is consumed? Or will the public even notice the change in every aspect of daily life?  

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