The Real Fate of Retail

Inside America’s Dead Malls It has been discussed on several news outlets that the fate of the brick and mortar retail stores have been up in air since around 2018. There have many theories to why this is happening such as Millennial’s preferring the ease of the internet over physical shopping, the slow decline of… Continue reading The Real Fate of Retail

Six Things To Remember When Starting Over Financially

Eight years ago, I had to move to new a city and start over with no job and about $2 in my bank account. I was forced to move back into my old childhood bedroom and start over from zero. There were five principles that I held on to while getting back on my feet. … Continue reading Six Things To Remember When Starting Over Financially

The Dogecoin Effect

Are public figures problematic for investors? Crypto has taken more than a few hits almost tanking the market. However, this is not stopping public figures from public backing their favorite coins influencing new and seasoned investors to invest. After the projections of Dogecoin reaching one dollar at the beginning of May, public figures such as… Continue reading The Dogecoin Effect

Is Crypto Really Worth It?

You can’t go anywhere nowadays without hearing the words Dogecoin, Robinhood, and Bitcoin all three associated with Cryptocurrency. Something that is popular but not many knows what cryptocurrency is. Google defines Cryptocurrency as a form of payment used for goods and services, just like money, but not exactly. Unlike the U.S. Dollar, Cryptocurrency is not… Continue reading Is Crypto Really Worth It?

The Business Behind Instagram

What does it really take to do “what you love” Instagram was introduced in 2010 along with need to take the perfect “selfie”. The photo sharing app quickly evolved giving a home for entrepreneurs to market worldwide. According to the Omnicore Agency currently  over 71% of businesses use Instagram for their Social Media Marketing with… Continue reading The Business Behind Instagram

Going Broke to Be Fit

 Millennials and Gen Z are willing to go into debt for fitness In 2020 money was definitely not an obstacle when getting those “Body Goals”. A Compare Cards  February 2020 survey shows 38% of millennials and 41% of Gen Z are either currently in credit card debt or have been because of fitness related purchases. Despite the… Continue reading Going Broke to Be Fit