Are The CDC New Guidelines Dangerous?

Last week CDC changed the guidelines of isolation and quarantine to shorter timeframes while the Omicron variant is now spreading in the United States. Covid Testing sites in New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania have been long with the wait time being hours. There has also been the encouragement of at-home tests however many at-home tests… Continue reading Are The CDC New Guidelines Dangerous?

The Silent AI Takeover 

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been in our lives for decades unknowing it has slowly become a part of our lives with the realization of society. To the rise of the AI Influencer in 2020, the humanoid robots and even contacting customer service, yes, the IVR menu when you’re screaming “REPRESENTATIVE” to bypass over the… Continue reading The Silent AI Takeover 

The Healthiest Hot Cocoa on Earth

Omnirah Handy an expert in allopathic medicine has found a way to support her community through education, consultations, and products through her business MOM Apothecary. “I had studied and worked in the allopathic realm of medicine for many years, and I couldn’t quite root myself there. I felt like something was missing, I wanted to find a… Continue reading The Healthiest Hot Cocoa on Earth

China Extends Crypto Transaction Ban

Friday, September 24th Bloomberg News reported that the People’s Bank of China has extended the crypto ban from Bitcoin to all digital currencies as they are not fiat currencies and cannot be circulated. This has been extended to mining crypto as well, as a result, Bitcoin’s price fell 8% as a result of the news. This comes… Continue reading China Extends Crypto Transaction Ban

I don’t Dream of Labor

The Movement Behind the Great Resignation of 2021 There have been many reports of Millennials quitting their jobs at a massive rate. CNBC reported 4 million quit their jobs in April stating that prioritizing mental health is the reason. CNN also reported in June that there are a record number of 9.3 million jobs available in the US, the… Continue reading I don’t Dream of Labor

The Great Resignation Reasons

Millennials are quitting their jobs. Though this was being reported prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, this did not stop Millennials from searching for more opportunities   There are many speculations as to why, from burnout, Covid-19, laziness, and the good old-fashioned entitlement theory, however, there is more to this than just Millennials don’t feel like working.… Continue reading The Great Resignation Reasons