The Dangers of Not Teaching Financial Literacy

There is a belief that with advanced technology, the rise in online courses, and search engines such as YouTube that most people have extensive knowledge on personal finance. This is not the case according to only 33% of adults around the world are financially literate and according to 78% of adults in America are living paycheck to… Continue reading The Dangers of Not Teaching Financial Literacy

I don’t Dream of Labor

The Movement Behind the Great Resignation of 2021 There have been many reports of Millennials quitting their jobs at a massive rate. CNBC reported 4 million quit their jobs in April stating that prioritizing mental health is the reason. CNN also reported in June that there are a record number of 9.3 million jobs available in the US, the… Continue reading I don’t Dream of Labor

The Great Resignation Reasons

Millennials are quitting their jobs. Though this was being reported prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, this did not stop Millennials from searching for more opportunities   There are many speculations as to why, from burnout, Covid-19, laziness, and the good old-fashioned entitlement theory, however, there is more to this than just Millennials don’t feel like working.… Continue reading The Great Resignation Reasons

The Real Fate of Retail

Inside America’s Dead Malls It has been discussed on several news outlets that the fate of the brick and mortar retail stores have been up in air since around 2018. There have many theories to why this is happening such as Millennial’s preferring the ease of the internet over physical shopping, the slow decline of… Continue reading The Real Fate of Retail

Going Broke to Be Fit

 Millennials and Gen Z are willing to go into debt for fitness In 2020 money was definitely not an obstacle when getting those “Body Goals”. A Compare Cards  February 2020 survey shows 38% of millennials and 41% of Gen Z are either currently in credit card debt or have been because of fitness related purchases. Despite the… Continue reading Going Broke to Be Fit